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Gates & Fences for Industrial Properties

Security in Industrial situations has wide-roaming duties. Fences and gates are obviously needed for the purposes of locking out intruders. But they are also used to secure areas by restricting access to authorised personnel only. Such is the case when storing valuable and embargoed goods. In other Industrial situations, areas need to be cordoned off due to the health threats posed by high voltages, heavy machinery and toxic chemicals.
Accomodating for large scale civil projects, some of our past projects include; residential aged care facilities cluster developments, and industrial developments.

These types of security barriers play highly critical roles at Mining sites too

Without fully secured fences and security gates, the dangers associated with mines would be unimaginable. Allan’s Fencing is a leader in the field for Industrial fences and gates. We’ve been doing this since 1991, and there’s a wealth of experience and expertise here that makes us the popular choice for Industrial fencing throughout New South Wales.

Quoting for your fencing needs would be our privilege.

Gates & Fences for Commercial Properties

Businesses from one end of New South Wales to the other, call the team at Allan’s Fencing. We design and install every kind of fence for every kind of business.

In many instances, a business will contact us and explain its requirements. We simply come back with a quote, then complete the work. At other times, we first learn about the client’s problems, then come up with solutions.
For what we offer, on price and quality, Allan’s Fencing is second to none. We can work within all reasonable budgets.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind, knowing your property boundaries are secured. We provide gates and fences that will suit your exteriors. And we can secure your premises in ways that best suit the day-to-day running of your business.

You can choose from a wide range of fencing materials and products, as well as colour and style options

Standard timber fences, safety fences and gates for public swimming pools and sporting arenas, even fauna fences that allow wildlife to pass through unharmed… the possibilities are endless.

You’ll also have no worries about full compliance with your local regulations.

High Security

High Security fencing is critically important in Industrial and Commercial situations. There can be no compromise with fences and gates that are required to secure high-risk or valuable infrastructure.

At Allan’s Fencing, our expertise in high-security enclosures has been a major contribution to countless industrial and commercial major projects throughout NSW over our 3 decades in business. From designing and quoting, to installing and repairing high security fences and gates for every kind of business, our experience and product knowledge is second to none.

From mining to electrical switchyards, we understand the many intricacies involved in high security fencing. Our team liaise and operate safely with other trades. We install quality products from brands such as Ditec, Colorbond, ARC, and more